Current transformers shall comply fully with MS 1202 and IEC 60044-1 and shall have short time rating not less than that of the switchboard in which they are incorporated. The secondary shall be rated for 5A. They shall be adequately rated in VA to carry the summation of all VA burdens of the connected loads but in any case, the rating shall not be less than 15VA. They shall be capable of withstanding, without damage, on open circuit secondary
with full primary current.
They shall be constructed from high quality silicon steel core. They shall be installed inside the switchboard in such a way that it is easily accessible for maintenance purpose. Identification labels shall be fitted giving type, ratio, rating, output and serial numbers. Unless otherwise specified, current transformers used for measuring and metering shall be of Class 1.0 accuracy and those used for protection shall be of Class 10P10 accuracy.

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