The automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) shall be of two-pole or four-pole type as specified complying with IEC 60947-1 and 60947-6-1, and shall be suitable for use on 240/415 V, 50 Hz. a.c. system. They shall of utilization category AC-33B. In addition, for ATSE provided with overcurrent release, ATSE shall of Class CB capable of making and breaking rated short-circuit current.
The switching devices, unless otherwise specified, shall be of contactors, mechanically held, mechanically and electrically interlocked, double air-break, quick-make and quick-break type and comply fully with IEC 60947-1 and 60947-4-1. They shall be dust-proof, rust protected, fully tropicalised. The operating coil shall be 240 V 50 Hz. a.c. type and shall operate satisfactorily when the voltage at the coil terminals is between 85% and 110% of the nominal voltage. The electro-magnet shall be of laminated type.
Each pole shall generally comprise three main parts, viz. the main contacts, the blow out coil and the arc chute. The main contacts shall be of ‘butt-contact’ pattern without sliding or rolling and shall operate with absolute minimum contact bounce. The blow out coil shall be rated to carry the total current flowing through the main pole and according to the thermal rating of the contactor. The arc chute shall be de-ion type or the type having ‘arc splitters’ for rapid extinction of electric arc. Each arc chute shall have a steatite disc on its internal faces for preventing rapid erosion of the chute by the effect of arcs.
The arc chute shall be easily removable to allow inspection of the main contacts and where necessary their replacement. The main contacts shall be able to carry continuously the rated current without damage in an enclosure having an ambient temperature up to 40 0C. For ATSE containing circuit breakers, they shall be as specified in 4.1 (air circuit breakers) or 4.2 (moulded case circuit breakers) above comply with IEC 60947-1 and 60947-2. Unless otherwise specified a minimum of four normally-close and four normally-open auxiliary contacts shall be provided. Timed auxiliary contacts for `delay-on’ or `delay-off’ shall be provided, if required.



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