The switchboard shall be fabricated from sheet steel of thickness not less than 2.0 mm. The enclosure shall be of all welded construction with sheets bent where possible so as to minimise the number of welded joints. The four sides of the enclosure shall be returned at the front to facilitate fixing of front cover plates. The front cover plates or doors shall be of box formation and flanged to facilitate fixing to the enclosure. When required by the supply authority or licensee, the portion of the front cover for mounting cut-out, meter and residual current operated circuit breaker shall be of fibre type with thickness not less than 5 mm.
The front cover of the switchboard shall be provided with grummets and dust seal to exclude dust and dirt. Meshed louvre or ventilation vent with filter shall be provided at both sides for ventilation. All edges shall be rounded. Serrated star washers shall be fitted to ensure satisfactory earthing of the front cover. The switchboard shall undergo de-rusting treatment, anti-rust treatment and be finished with epoxy dry-powder and oven baked semi-gloss enamel grey. The switchboard shall be firmly bolted to the wall or structure by means of bolts and nuts.

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