The whole of the plant and equipment to be supplied under the Tender shall be subjected to inspection and acceptance tests by the S.O. and his officers in the factory prior to delivery. The approval by the S.O. of the results of any such inspection or test shall not prejudice the right of the S.O. to reject the plant if it fails to comply with the specification when erected or to give complete satisfaction in service within the Defect
Liability Period. The price quoted in the Bills Of Quantities for the inspection and acceptance test as stated above shall include the provision of all necessary equipment, facilities, expenses, allowances etc for the S.O. and his officers to inspect the plant and equipment and to verify the tests. Adequate notice shall be given when the plant is ready for inspection and acceptance test.



On completion of the installation work on site the Electrical Contractor shall at his own expense arrange for all necessary tests to be carried out on the equipment by either TNB or a Services Engineer approved by the Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik as part of the tests required of him for the whole installation under this Contract. The test to becarried out shall be as prescribed in the relevant British Standard Code Of Practice for high voltage transformer theIEE Wiring Regulations 15th Edition, the Electricity (Board Supplies) Rules 1949 and other tests deemed necessary by theS.O. In the event the installation fails to pass any of thesetests the Electrical Contractor shall take such measures asare necessary to remedy the defects and the installation shall not be considered as completed until all such tests have beenpassed.The tests to be carried out by the Electrical Contractor shall consist of the following tests as the minimum requirement :-
(a) 2000 V insulation resistance tests
(b) 24 Kv a.c. pressure test for 1.0 minute.
(c) Testing and setting of safety devices and measuring gauges.
(d) Any other tests as recommended by the manufacturer and the supplier.

The S.O. reserves the right to be present at all tests and the Electrical Contractor shall give at least one week notice in writing to the S.O. for this purpose. In any case no test shall be carried out without prior approval of the S.O. Copies of all the test certificates shall be submitted to the S.O. within one week after the completion of the testing.


On successful testing of the complete installation the Electrical Contractor shall arrange to commission the equipment in the presence of the S.O. on a date to be decided by the S.O.

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