During the Defects Liability Period, the Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for the service and maintenance work for the complete
installation. All works shall be carried out by the competent person. All labour, material, tools and parts necessary to rectify the defect due to
manufacturing/installation faults shall be supplied/executed at the Electrical Contractor’s cost.

The service and maintenance to be performed and defects to be rectified and making good shall include but not limited to the following: –
(a) Replacing or making good all lightning flash counters that do not meet the manufacturer’s guarantees and warranties.
(b) Replacing and making good all loose joints and terminations, all mechanical support linkage, earth electrode chambers and covers, etc.
(c) Making good any damage to roads, buildings, drains, cables, pipes, concrete areas, paved areas etc. which had not been properly made good arising out of his work.
(d) All other works as deemed necessary by the S.O.’s Representative.

All works shall be carried out as soon as the Electrical Contractor is being informed by the S.O.’s Representative or the occupant and shall be
completed within a reasonable time except under emergency situation as stipulated in the Supplementary Conditions for Electrical Work. If the
Electrical Contractor fails to comply with the above requirements, the S.O.’s Representative reserves the right to engage another party to carry out the work, in which case, the Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for all the expenses incurred.

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