Verification of RCD Operation

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7. Verification of RCD Operation

This is normally achieved by operation of the integral test device (typically test button on the RCD) to confirm:
1. the RCD is functioning correctly; and
2. the tripping device mechanisms are operating.

Warning: Operation of the integral test device does not provide a means of checking:
• continuity of the main earthing conductor or the associated circuit protective earthing conductor; or
• any earth electrode or other means of earthing or the associated electrical installation earthing.

Testing Alterations and Additions

When alterations are carried out to an existing electrical installation, it is essential that the electrician tests the work to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and specifications. The tests described in this booklet must also be carried out on alterations and additions to ensure the electrical installing work is safe to remain connected to the electrical installation.

The majority of tests described in this booklet are designed to be carried out without power being connected. When performing these tests, make sure that electricity supplies are disconnected where necessary and that the appropriate
isolation and tagging has been carried out. A “Notice of Completion – Minor Work” form must be submitted to the
network operator to certify this type of work.

Test Equipment

Before performing any tests, ensure that the test equipment is correctly set, is functional and is in good condition, particularly the test leads. Remember, when testing:
• check that the test equipment is operating correctly
• perform the required tests
• re-check the test equipment to confirm that it still operates correctly.

Some types of test equipment (eg. multimeters) are fitted with fuse protection. Ensure that at all times only the correct type and rated fuse is used. This is for your protection.

Electrical test equipment is a very important part of an electrician’s tools. Test instruments should be tested at intervals not exceeding one year and records kept to verify this.

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