Installation Test Certificate


Installation Test Certificate

When a Notice of Completion is to be submitted for completed electrical installing work that may require the network operator to attend (eg. new connection or upgrade of supply), the electrician carrying out the checking and testing must
complete an Installation Test Certificate.

An Installation Test Certificate is an adhesive label (included in books of Preliminary Notices / Notices of Completion and also available from network operators) that must be filled in by the electrician who performed the checking and testing of the completed electrical installing work. An Installation Test Certificate is to be fixed by the electrician to the inside of the meter enclosure to indicate to the network operator and the customer that the installation is completed, has been checked and tested and is safe to be connected to the electricity supply.

The electrician is requested to record the following key installation test results and the underground consumer’s mains cable route on a self adhesive label which is also to be placed inside the meter enclosure:
• main earth conductor resistance;
• either the earth continuity or fault-loop impedance values for each sub circuit;
• insulation resistance values for each sub circuit.
The information will benefit subsequent electrical work and inspection, as well as assist in preventing electric shocks and accidents.

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