Checking, T & C of Electrical Installing Work

Checking, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installing Work

All completed electrical installing work must be checked and tested to confirm that it complies with the Wiring Rules and is safe for connection to the electricity supply. The required steps to comply with the current regulatory requirements are as follows:

1. When the electrical installing work has been completed, a licensed electrician (which may be the contractor or an employee) is required to carry out checks and tests of the installation, to ensure the electrical work meets the requirements of the Wiring Rules. The checking and testing should be carried out in accordance with a formalised checking and testing procedure.

2. Once these checks and tests have been completed, the electrician confirms on the relevant section of the Notice of Completion or Notice of Completion- Minor Work, that the checking and testing has been carried out.

3. For electrical installing work that requires the network operator to attend (eg. for electricity supply connection or alteration to the supply service apparatus), the electrician then completes an Installation Test Certificate and
fixes it inside the meter enclosure of the installation.

4. Then, in the usual manner, the electrical contractor (or nominee) completes the Notice of Completion, thereby certifying the work, and submits the Notice to the network operator.

5. When the Notice of Completion is received, the network operator will determine if an inspection of the installing work will be carried out, to ensure that the standards of electrical safety of the installation are being maintained. The network operator will also arrange for the connection of the electricity supply if necessary.


1. Minor work, ie. alterations and additions to existing electrical installations, is also subject to a similar system except that the work is connected to the electricity supply by the electrician.

2. Western Power’s Contractor Connect Scheme permits accredited electrical contractors and authorised electrical workers to connect the electricity supply to the installation and to then submit the Notice of Completion following

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