After the installation work has been completed and before Certificate of Practical Completion is issued, the whole acoustic treatment installation covered under this part of the Contract shall be tested as prescribed by JAS and any other tests deem necessary by the S.O.’s Representative. In the event the installation fails to pass any of these tests, the Electrical Contractor shall take such measures as are necessary to remedy the defects and
the installation shall not be considered as completed until all such tests have been passed. Fee required for the check, test and calibration as described above is deemed to be included in the Contract. The S.O.’s Representative reserves the right to be present at all tests and the Electrical Contractor shall give at least one-week notice in writing to the S.O.’s Representative for this purpose. In any case, no test shall be carried out without prior approval of the S.O.’s Representative. Copies of all the test certificates together with as installed Drawings properly bound and titled shall be submitted to the S.O.’s Representative and JAS within one week after the completion of the testing. The aforesaid Certificates shall also be properly bound in hard cover and titled