Before any tests stated hereinafter being carried out, all apparatus, instruments and equipment required for the tests shall have been calibrated by approved accredited laboratory for accuracy within the preceding 12 months. The Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for all costs of all such calibrations and present the calibration certificates to the S.O.’s Representative for approval

Any defects and deficiencies of workmanship, materials, performance and design of equipment or other irregularities which become apparent during the tests shall be rectified by the Electrical Contractor and the tests shall be repeated at the Electrical Contractor’s expense to the satisfaction of the S.O.’s Representative. No inspection or approval by the S.O.’s Representative of the workmanship, equipment or materials covered by this Contract, whether carried out or supplied by the Electrical Contractor, shall release him from any of his obligations under the Contract. Before commencement of any tests stated hereinafter, due advance notice not less than fourteen (14) days providing details of dates, times, location/place, types of tests, test methods/procedures and test records/formats and details of competent persons responsible for the tests shall be given to and agreed by S.O.’s Representative. All test methods/procedures and test records/formats other than those specified in this specification shall be approved by the S.O.’s Representative before tests being carried out.

The Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for all the costs and expenses incurred associated with the testing, inspection and commissioning of the Works. These include the costs and expenses for the provision of competent persons, assistance, instrument, machines, labour, consumable materials such as water, fuels and electricity etc. and any other facilities and equipment as may be necessary in all respect complying with the appropriate health and safety regulations. The qualifications of the competent persons provided during the tests shall be in accordance with requirements and provisions of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 and Electricity Regulations 1994.

Prior to installation at site the generator set shall be load tested at various percentage of the rated kVA of the generator set offered. The test shall be carried out in the presence of the S.O.’s Representative and/or his representatives. During this test, it should have maintained the highest possible standards for voltage regulation, frequency regulation, sudden load increase, load rejection and other characteristics. Tests shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 8528-6.

The generator set shall be tested at rated power factor (i.e. 0.8 lagging power factor) for the following loads and durations:-
(a) No load – 30 minutes.
(b) 25% rated kVA – 30 minutes.
(c) 50% rated kVA – 60 minutes.
(d) 75% rated kVA – 60 minutes.
(e) 100% rated kVA – 180 minutes.
(f) 110% rated kVA – 60 minutes.
For the purposes of this test, dummy loads, all measuring and recording instruments and apparatus that are required and necessary to measure and record all parameters such as amperes, voltages, power factor, frequency, atmospheric pressures, temperatures, relative humidity and fuel consumption shall be provided by the Electrical Contractor and/or his supplier. In addition, suitable recorders or tracers with print-outs to record transients such as frequency deviations, voltage and current deviations for all three phases during load application, sudden load increase and sudden load rejection tests shall also be provided. Certified results as per Appendix B (Generator Set Test Results) to this specification shall be provided for all readings. Every 15-minute reading of fuel consumption, lubrication oil temperature and pressure, cooling water temperature and engine speed governor trails shall be carried out.

Transient voltage deviation and voltage recovery time shall be recorded during load tests according to the load profiles as specified and 100% sudden power decrease. For motor starting application, simulation test for motor starting shall be carried out to ensure that the performance of the generator set is within the operation limits for the performance class specified. Otherwise, transient voltage deviation and voltage recovery time shall be recorded for 100% sudden power decrease and sudden power increase from 0% to 50%, 50% to 80% and 80% to 100% of the rated kVA at 0.8 lagging power factor and shall be within the operating limits as specified in Section 2.0 – Generator Set. In the case of the generator sets installed for parallel operations, the generator sets shall also be tested together with their generator set control boards and generator set switchboards to ensure the safe and correct working operations of synchronisation, load sharing and load transfer as specified. The test load provided for the generator sets shall be the sum of the rated kVA of the generator sets.

Functional checks for all protective devices for the generator set shall also be carried out to ensure their correct functioning and operations in accordance with ISO 3046- 1 and ISO 8528-6. The above tests may be carried out at the workshop of the generator set supplier. However, if the tests are to be carried out outside Peninsular Malaysia, the Electrical Contractor shall bear the cost of food, accommodation, transportation and travelling expenses and all Government approved allowances for two Electrical Engineers to witness the tests.

On completion of plant erection, tests on completion shall be carried out. Tests for the generator set shall be carried out in accordance with the operation mode specified, comprising of starting, stopping, automatic/manual synchronising, automatic transfer switching and running on no load and loads. Simulation tests and function tests on the operation of the protective devices for the engine and the electrical protection relays shall also be carried out. All tests shall be carried out and recorded in the presence of the S.O’s Representative, and four (4) sets of these test results shall be submitted to S.O.’s Representative.

All electrical protection relays shall be tested and calibrated by an Electrical Services Engineer with special right to test electrical equipment issued by Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia. Four (4) sets of these test results duly certified by the Electrical Services Engineer shall be submitted. The Electrical Contractor shall pay all costs and expenses incurred in connection with these tests.


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