Within three weeks after award of the Tender or such shorter period as may be required by the S.O.’s Representative, the Electrical Contractor shall submit to the S.O.’s Representative for his approval of the following working drawings:
(a) Details of the layout of the generator set, fuel tank, generator set control board, generator set switchboard, radiator air discharge
duct, exhaust system, fuel supply system, air intake system, air ventilation system etc. in the generator room provided;
(b) Details of the schematic installation diagrams of the fuel pipe lines with respect to generator set, service fuel tank and bulk
storage fuel tank including all the fuel valves and fuel filters;
(c) Details of dimensions and weight loading of the foundations for the generator set, service fuel tanks and bulk storage fuel tank;
(d) Details of the layout and schematic wiring diagrams of the generator switchboard and generator set control board; and
(e) Relative locations of earthing points for the generator set with respect to the Generator Room.

If necessary as required by the S.O.’s Representative, the drawings submitted are to be modified and shall be resubmitted for final approval. It is to be understood that approval of the drawings will not exonerate the Electrical Contractor from any responsibility in connection with the Work in this Contract.

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