Air intake system shall incorporate an efficient air intake silencer capable of reducing the noises of the engine outside the generator room to an acceptable level as in the specification – Specification for Acoustic Treatment for Generator Room. The air intake silencer shall comply with the specification – Specification for Acoustic Treatment for Generator Room, and shall be supplied together with the generator set by the registered supplier.

Acoustic rain hood with bird mesh made of aluminium shall be provided for the air intake silencer. The acoustic rain hood shall be so designed as to prevent rainwater to enter into the air intake system and also to keep the noise level to a minimum. If so required, whether or not provided in the Bill of Quantities or in the Drawings, air intake fan shall be provided to ensure there are sufficient air exchanges required by the generator set to operate efficiently at its ambient operating temperature at all times. The Electrical Contractor is required to submit calculation worksheet together with all engine data/characteristics to meet this requirement. .

Air intake fan shall be of low speed type not more 1000 rpm, 240 V, 50 Hz and of high quality mild steel casing construction with die-cast aluminium alloy aerofoil impeller blades. Air intake fan shall automatically operate upon running of the generator set and automatically stop after pre-set time after shutting down of the generator set. Suitable ducting system with air inlet/outlet grills shall be incorporated. All openings through walls and ducting system shall be treated acoustically complying with the specification – Specification for Acoustic Treatment for Generator Room.The Electrical Contractor shall also provide electrical wiring in galvanised steel conduit for the air intake fan complete with all necessary isolation, protection, automatic control and starting/stopping equipment. If so required, the cost for the provisions of the air intake fan, associated ducting system and electrical work is deemed inclusive in the Contract

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