The engine shall be multi cylinder, vee/in line configuration, four stroke, direct injection, naturally aspirated or turbo charged, water cooled with fan and radiator, instant starting. Engine speed shall be 1500 r.p.m.. The engine shall comply with relevant parts of ISO 3046 and ISO 8528-2 as minimum requirements, and shall capable of producing continuously the service power not less than that required by the alternator and all other necessary equipment, ancillaries and auxiliaries for the generation of the required output under the specified operating conditions. In addition to the steady-state power requirement, the engine shall also capable to meet any transient load requirements caused by motor starting and/or any load profile as specified and/or shown in the Drawings. The engine shall be able to withstand an overload of 10% at rated speed for one (1) hour in any period of twelve (12) hours consecutive running, and shall also capable of sustaining indefinitely without deterioration to run under low load condition.


The engine shall be capable of operating on Class A fuel to BS 2869. The fuel pump shall be of the gear type complete with governor and throttle and capable of fuel delivery to injectors under all power conditions of the engine. The pump shall be self adjusting for wear and fuel viscosity. Fuel filter of heavy duty, replaceable and paper element type shall be provided.


The engine shall be complete with enclosed force-feed lubricating system by gear type oil pump with full flow replaceable paper element type oil filter. Oil pan shall be of the sump type.


Speed governing of the engine shall comply with ISO 3046-4. Unless otherwise specified, the governing accuracy of the engine shall be of performance class G2 within the operating limit values in accordance with ISO 8528-2. The speed droop shall be less than integral (PI) type. In the case where the generator set is rated at or more than 1000 kVA or for parallel operation of two or more generator sets, the governor shall be of proportional integral differential (PID) electronic type.


The engine shall complete with all instruments and gauges necessary or desired for its proper operation, service and maintenance. The instruments and gauges shall be of the flush-mounting on the metalclad panel and shall include but not limited to the followings:-
(a) Elapsed hours running meter.
(b) Lubricating oil pressure gauge
(c) Cooling water temperature gauge.
(d) Tachometer.


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