Objective & Scope

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1.1To determine the overall energy efficiency of lighting systems using measurements
and methods suitable for field conditions.
1.2To determine the energy efficiency of lighting with respect to the illuminance available at task areas and non-task areas.
1.3To recommend illuminance levels suitable for various activities
1.4To provide guidelines for identifying energy saving options in lighting
2.1This code defines and describes the methods for evaluating energy efficiency of indoor
lighting systems in the following end user categories
2.1.1Industrial buildings
2.1.4Commercial buildings
2.2The following standards have been referred for preparing this code.
2.2.1IS 3646: Code of practice for interior illumination- July 1991
2.2.2IS 6665: Code of practice for industrial lighting – May 1997
2.2.3SP: 32 Handbook on functional requirements of Industrial Buildings- 1986 (BIS
2.2.4CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting- Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers - UK
2.2.5IES-ASHRAE Standard 90.1
2.2.6Code of practice for Energy Efficiency of Lighting Installations- EMCD – The Govt. of Hongkong S.A. R
2.3Efficiency evaluation of lighting system defined and described in this code includes the Measurement of following parameters.
2.3.1Illuminance levels
2.3.2Power consumption in light fittings
2.3.3Building parameters like area, room index etc