Form PDC 1 A

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BilDocumentSewerage Work
1.0Submission DocumentOKNC
1.1Form SSA/PDC/1 for planning application
1.2Catchment strategy report (for permanent STP/schemed development)
1.3Engineering report (for development > 150 PE)
1.4Land details Land title (type), lot no. district/mukim, Land area of project (under Form PDC/1)
2.0Submission Plans
2.1Layout plan of whole development For development < 150 PE:
2.1.1A plan showing how each house is to be connected with any existing or proposed sewer
2.1.2The position and course of all surface water channels or drains.
2.1.3The names of streets adjoining the premises and the scale of the plan.
2.2Key Plan and Location plan Location plan shall be clear, showing identifiable adjacent areas, main roads and other landmarks. Project area to be colored in red.
2.3Effluent discharge point Location of the effluent receiving stream
3.0Special Submission Requirement
3.1Development > 50 hectares A Development Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has to be approved by DOE.
4.0Plans Format
4.1Paper size All plans to be submitted to the DGSS should be prepared on normal sizes of paper A1or A2, and should have a title block approved by the approving authority. All plans shall be folded to A4 size. All documents to be in A4
4.2Format details Format details shall include the following:
4.2.1Plans shall show the north point, date and bear the signature of the Developer/Owner, and Consulting Engineer/Architect/Planner.
4.2.2Notes & abbreviations used shall be shown in footnotes.
4.2.3The title block shall be positioned at the bottom right-hand corner bearing the title of the development, drawing title, name and address of the Developer/Owner and the Qualified Person.
4.2.4A space shall be reserved in the top right hand corner for SSD approval chop.
5.0Layout Plans
5.1Lot boundary and numbers The boundary shall be demarcated on the drawing.
5.2Ground levels of housing lots & roads All data specified shall be according to the Survey Ordinance.
5.3Reticulation & utilities details Details shall include the following:
5.3.1Drainage systems, water supply lines, streets or other structures and as far as can be established.
5.3.2The location & depth of utilities that will affect or be affected by the proposed sewerage systems. Also their invert levels and sizes must be stated.
5.3.3The sewer reticulation must also be shown on the same plan to show sewer locations relative to these structures.
6.0Engineering Report
6.1Land information Information shall include the following:
6.1.1Land lot number & site location.
6.1.2Land area (hectare) & topography of project area.
6.1.3Topography of surrounding neighbouring lots. Specify any existing STPs or network. Include details of all sewerage systems in use or proposed in the adjacent areas.
6.1.4Water bodies (drains/rivers) that pass through project area, including the name and class of the receiving water
6.1.5Existing land use of project and adjacent areas, description of future land use of adjacent area, if such information is available.
6.1.6Information on ground water levels and use of ground water adjacent to project area.
6.2Project description A description of the project proposal shall include:
6.2.1Type of development, various types of houses/buildings and their numbers.
6.2.2An outline on the derivation of the wastewater generation from the proposed project based on criteria in MS1228 and Guidelines for Developers Vol. 3 & 4.
6.3Sewerage proposal The sewerage proposal shall include:
6.3.1A brief description of the proposal. For permanent STPs, identify and evaluate all sewerage options, including NPV and non-cost factors and provide a brief description of the preferred or selected option.
6.3.2An outline description of the proposed sewerage network. Show PE breakdown and calculation.
6.3.3An outline of the reasons for the selection of the proposed sites for construction of any pumping stations.
6.3.4The proposal for connection to the public sewer shall include a study on the capacity of the existing sewer and the STP.
6.3.5The report must bear the signature of the Engineer preparing the design as well as the report.
6.3.6The report must bear a suitable title, date, names of owner & consultants and have a proper cover & binding.
6.3.7The siting criteria, land area & buffer zone requirement for the proposed STP shall be based on per Guidelines for Developers Vol. IV.