Cold-Climate Adjustments

Posted by MRB

In general, sewage temperatures are above freezing, but the batch mode of operation exposes the SBR basin to cold winter temperatures. The long, cold ambient air temperature in winter cools the content of a basin below the optimal temperature of 20-25 ºC, which is the ideal temperature for advanced treatment to occur.

SBRs in the northeastern United States should respond appropriately against extreme cold temperatures. Where practical, basins for small or very small systems or facilities should be housed in a garage-type structure to ensure that there is no freezing. Larger basins can also be
covered to minimize heat loss; however, when covering basins, ensure that adequate access for maintenance is provided. Consider maximum use of earthen-bank insulation. Exposed piping should be wrapped in heat tape and insulated to protect from freezing. Consider implementing
provisions to minimize the freezing of discharge pipes, decanter valves, and chemical lines. Provisions should be considered to minimize ice buildup on decanters. Controllers should be placed in dry areas that are not exposed to extreme temperatures.

cold climate adjustment