Continuous-Flow Systems

Posted by MRB

SBR facilities commonly consist of two or more basins that operate in parallel but single basin configurations under continuous-flow conditions. In this modified version of the SBR, flow enters each basin on a continuous basis. The influent flows into the influent chamber, which has inlets to the react basin at the bottom of the tank to control the entrance speed so as not to agitate the settled solids. Continuous-flow systems are not true batch reactions because influent is constantly entering the basin. The design configurations of SBR and continuous-flow systems are otherwise very similar. Plants operating under continuous flow should operate this way as a standard mode of operation. Ideally, a true batch-reaction SBR should operate under continuous flow only under emergency situations.

Plants that have been designed as continuous-inflow systems have been shown to have poor operational conditions during peak flows. Some of the major problems of continuous-inflow systems have been overflows, washouts, poor effluent, and permit violations.