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During the Defects Liability Period the Electrical Contractor shall perform maintenance work for the complete cabling and associated work. All work labour, materials, tools and parts necessary to rectify the defects due to manufacturing or installation fault shall be supplied and/or executed at no extra cost to the Government.
The maintenance work shall be carried out as soon as the Electrical Contractor has been informed by S.O.’s Representative. The work to be performed shall include but not limited to the following: –
(a) Replace or make good any defective cables, cable joints and cable terminations;
(b) Replace any broken or defective cable markers;
(c) Making good any damage to building, concrete areas, slopes, drains, culverts, existing cables, pipes etc. which had not been properly made good arising out of his work;
(d) Any other work deemed necessary by the S.O.’s Representative.



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