Within three calendar months after the practical completion of the project, one set of true to scale negative (155/115 gm/sq. ISO AO or A1 size) and four sets of prints for each of the following drawings shall be submitted:-
(a) Site plan;
(b) Schematic Wiring Diagram and Electrical Layout Plans;
(c) Control Circuits drawings;
(d) Layout plans of cable routes and earthing points with reference to easily recognisable buildings and structures.

For electronic media they shall be either in floppy disks format or CD rewritable (CD-RW ) optical disks format as specified which can be easily retrieved by computer. The software programme shall be AutoCAD of latest release.
Two sets or copies in either format as specified, appropriately titled and stored in container or casing, shall be submitted. In addition, four sets of the following manuals and documents for regulators, capacitors, reactors, mccb and other important electrical switchgears shall be supplied:-
(a) Installation manual;
(b) Operation manual;
(c) Service and Maintenance Manual;
(d) Parts List;
(e) Product Data and catalogue;
(f) Product Test Certificates;
Each of the above sets of prints together with the manuals shall be in a stiff cover ring file. The cost of all these prints, manuals, tools etc. is deemed to be included in the Contract.

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