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Two sets of prints of shop drawings for construction and/or installation shall be submitted to the S.O.’s Representative for approval. The Electrical Contractor shall prepare and submit shop drawings for the whole work or parts of the work at least two weeks before the work begins. If the shop drawings submitted are not acceptable by the S.O.’s Representative, the Electrical Contractor shall amend and re-submit the shop drawings within two weeks from the date of return of the shop drawings. No work including fabrication of the switchboards shall be carried out without the shop drawings
being approved by the S.O.’s Representative. The shop drawings shall include and show the following:
(a) The dimensioned general arrangements, layouts and positions of luminaires, wiring accessories such as switches and switched socket outlets, switchgears, distribution boards, switchboards and all others necessary for the complete electrical installation as specified in the Drawings and/or Bill of Quantities;
(b) Circuits and switching arrangements including schematic line diagrams of the installation;
(c) The dimensioned general arrangements, layouts and routes of final circuits;
(d) The dimensioned general arrangements, layouts, routes and positions of all lateral and vertical mains and/or submains;
(e) The dimensioned layouts and positions of all holes and cutthrough in the walls and floors for the lateral and vertical mains and/or submains;
(f) The dimensioned general arrangements and layouts of the equipment and the schematic line diagram of the switchboards;
(g) Cable routes for all cables laid underground, in ducts and trenches;
(h) The dimensioned general arrangements and layout of earthing system including routes for earthing conductors and positions of earth electrodes.
The cost of all these shop drawings, whether or not provided in the Bill of
Quantities, is deemed to be included in the Contract.

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