After the installation work has been completed and before Certificate of Practical Completion is issued, the whole electrical installation covered under this part of the Contract shall be tested as prescribed in Electricity Regulations 1994 and MS IEC 364-6-61 and any other tests deem necessary by the S.O.’s Representative. In the event the installation fails to pass any of these tests, the Electrical Contractor shall take such measures as are necessary to remedy the defects and the installation shall not be considered as completed until all such tests have been passed.
The tests to be carried out by the Electrical Contractor shall consist of the following tests as a minimum requirement: –
(a) Continuity of ring final circuit conductors.
(b) Continuity of protective conductors including main and supplementary equipotential bonding.
(c) Insulation resistance.
(d) Insulation of site-built assemblies.
(e) Protection by electricaPagesl separation.
(f) Protection by barriers or enclosures provided during erection.
(g) Insulation of non-conducting floors and walls.
(h) Polarity
(i) Earth fault loop impedance.
(j) Earth electrode resistance.

(k) Functional testing:
(i) Operation of residual current devices.
(ii) Operational tests for starting and tripping of starters and circuit breakers, on-off test for switches, switch socket outlets, switchfuses, fuseswitches, isolators, etc.
All rccb and elr shall be checked and tested for their effectiveness in operation within specified sensitivity and tripping time. All protection relays and device shall be checked, tested and calibrated by an Electrical Services Engineer registered with Jabatan
Bekalan Elektrik Malaysia. Stability and functionality test shall also be carried out to ensure the installation is in safe and good working order. The Electrical Contractor shall
arrange with the Electrical Services Engineer to conduct and carry out the necessary check, test and calibration of the protection relays and device. Fee required for the check, test and calibration as described above is deemed to be included in the Contract.
The S.O.’s Representative reserves the right to be present at all tests and the Electrical Contractor shall give at least one week notice in writing to the S.O.’s Representative for this purpose. In any case, no test shall be carried out without prior approval of the S.O.’s Representative. Copies of all the test certificates together with as-installed Drawings properly bound and titled shall be submitted to the S.O.’s Representative within one week after the completion of the testing.
Two sets of Supervision and Completion Certificate and Test Certificate including copies of all the test results and drawings as prescribed in Electricity Regulations 1994 shall be submitted to the S.O.’s Representative within two weeks after the completion of the testing. The aforesaid Certificates shall be properly bound in hard cover and titled

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