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Approved type of rubber mat shall be provided in front of the switchboards and any other control boards. The rubber mat shall extend to the full length of the switchboards, and shall be of thickness not less than 6 mm and width 1000 mm. Standard notices displaying the words ‘BAHAYA’ and ‘DILARANG MASUK’ and Electric Shock Treatment Chart shall be provided and installed at a place as required in accordance with Electricity Regulations 1994. Signage with words ‘BILIK SUIS UTAMA’, ‘BILIK SUIS’, ‘BILIK KHIDMAT ELEKTRIK’ and ‘DILARANG MEROKOK’ shall be installed for all rooms containing electrical switchboard and equipment to the satisfaction of the S.O.’s Representative.
All electrical switchrooms shall be provided with one unit 9 kg dry powder fire extinguisher for A, B, C class of fire complete with pressure gauge, discharge\ hose with nozzle installed on wall bracket. The extinguisher shall be certified by Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia valid to be used for a period of twelve months from the completion date of the Contract.
All trenches in the switchrooms shall be clear from debris and filled up with clean sand to a level above cable ducts. All cable duct entry into the cable trench shall be sealed tight with cement against water and rodent entry. As-installed layout plans, schematic wiring diagrams and plans showing cable routes and positions of earthing point with reference to easily recognizable buildings and structures shall be suitably framed up in the switchroom. These plans and diagrams shall be in addition to the four sets of prints required to besubmitted to the S.O.’s Representative, after completion of the project as
stated in 18.0 below.

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