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Labels shall be fitted on the outside of all switchgears, fusegears, distribution boards, sub switchboards and main switchboards by means of non-corrodable screws or rivet or any other method approved by the S.O.’s Representative. The labels shall be of laminated plastic with engraved lettering with details such as type of equipment, rating, setting, to/from where it is connected etc.
The exact wording of the labels shall be agreed with the S.O.’s Representative. If required as specified in the Drawings and/or Bill of Quantities, single line mimic schematic circuit diagram shall be provided at the facial of the switchboards showing the connection of all switchgears with respect to basbars indicating the incoming and outgoing feeders. The diagram shall be single line of width 5 mm painted in red with arrow head indicating the direction of supply incoming to or outgoing from the switchgears.

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