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For luminaires with pendant lampshade, the wiring shall terminate in ceiling rose. Connection from ceiling rose to lamp holder in the luminaire shall be by 3 core flexible cord of not less than 0.75 sq. mm. The flexible cord may be used for suspending the luminaires if the total mass of the luminaire does not exceed 2 kg. If the mass of the luminaires exceeds 2 kg, a hook shall be installed and the luminaire shall be suspended from the hook by means of decorative chain approved by the S.O.’s Representative.
For ceiling mounted and wall mounted luminaires, the wiring shall terminate directly into terminal block in the luminaires or into a batten lampholder as the case may be. For luminaires to be recessed into suspended false ceiling, wiring shall run through junction box and flexible steel conduit right up to the luminaires as described in 9.3.
The luminaires shall not sit on the ceiling structure but shall be securely suspended from the floor slabs or beams of roof trusses by means of suspension rods, brass chains or G.S. wires as specified or as directed by the S.O.’s Representative. Openings required for recessing the luminaire shall be done by the Main Contractor.
However the Electrical Contractor shall provide all details to the Main Contractor. Where fluorescent luminaires are to be surface mounted on the underside of soft board or other type of ceilings which is combustible, suitable spacers shall be inserted between the base of the luminaires and the ceiling such that a minimum clearance of 10 mm exists between the luminaires and the ceiling. Where fluorescent luminaires are to be suspended from ceiling of floor slab, suitable suspension rods shall be provided. The wiring shall be terminated into a terminal block in the suspension channel. Connection from the terminal
block to the luminaires shall be by 3 core flexible cord as mentioned above. The flexible cord shall be concealed inside the suspension assembly.


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