Self-contained emergency luminaires shall be of the type comply with MS 619 and IEC 60598-2-22 and approved by Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia and JKR. The body shall be of folded steel construction. The metalwork shall be rust inhibited to prevent corrosion and shall be sprayed with an undercoat of zinc chromate primer and finished with two coatings of super white baked enamel.
The diffuser shall be of prismatic polycarbonate. They shall be completed with maintenance-free high temperature rated sealed nickel cadmium battery, solid state automatic charger, changeover device, fluorescent lamp, indicator lamp, test switch and interior disconnecting switch. The battery shall be fully rechargeable to its operational capacity in not more than 24 hours after discharge. Low volt cut-off safety feature shall be incorporated to prevent over discharge of battery. The response time for nonmaintained emergency luminaires shall be less than 5 s upon failure of the normal lighting.
Unless specified otherwise the fluorescent tube shall be 8 watt of colour temperature 3500 K and lumen output of 480 lumens type. The duration for emergency operation shall not be less than 3 hours. The initial lumen output of the self-contained emergency luminaires shall be not less than 25% of the lumen output of the fluorescent tube. The lumen output at the end of the rated duration shall be minimum 10% of the lumen output of the fluorescent tube.
Notwithstanding the lumen output specified above, the minimum battery capacity shall not be less than 6 Ah. For self contained emergency luminaires with “KELUAR” signage or legend and/or pictogram as specified, they shall be of the maintained 3 hours rating type as specified above, complying with relevant part of MS 983 and approved by Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia and JKR. The lamp shall be of 2 fluorescent tube type and the diffuser shall be of fire retardant moulded acrylic.

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