Fluorescent luminaires shall be of the type approved by Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Malaysia and JKR. Fluorescent luminaires shall have housing made from good quality mild steel sheet of minimum thickness 0.50 mm and shall be of sound and rigid construction suitable for suspended installation. The metalwork shall be rust inhibited to prevent corrosion and, unless otherwise approved by the S.O.’s Representative, shall be sprayed with an undercoat of zinc chromate primer and finished with two coatings of super white baked enamel.
Fluorescent luminaires shall comply with MS 619 and relevant parts of IEC 60598. The ballast shall comply with MS 141, IEC 60920 and IEC 60921 and shall be of the type approved by Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Malaysia and JKR. Unless otherwise specified, they shall be polyester resin impregnated, silent operation type fitted with terminal block for easy wiring. For 18 watts and 36 watts fluorescent tubes, the watt loss of the ballast shall be not more than 8 watts.
The mounting of the ballast shall be in such a way that easy dismantling and replacement can be effected within the casing. In the case where high frequency electronics ballast is specified, the ballast shall be tested compliance with IEC 60928 and IEC 60929, EN 55015 for radio frequency interference suppression and IEC 61000-3-2 for harmonics distortion. They shall be of instant starting, non-dimming, low in-rush starting current and low leakage current type.
Rated maximum operating temperature of a ballast case shall not exceed 70 0C. Power loss through the ballast shall not be more than 2 watt. Harmonics distortion shall be within the limits in accordance with IEC 61000-3-2. However, total harmonics distortion shall be less than 25 % where third harmonics component shall not be more than 15 %.
The ballast shall operate and maintain consistent light output over voltage variation from -10 % to +5 % of the rated voltage and power factor of not less than 0.95. Overvoltage protection at 350 volts and automatic shut down in the event of lamp failure shall also be incorporated. For single ballast controlling two fluorescent lamps in one luminaires, if one fluorescent lamp is burnt out, the other fluorescent lamp shall continue to operate without the burnt lamp being replaced.

The capacitor shall comply with MS 279, IEC 61048 and IEC 61049 and shall be of dry, self-healing, metalised polypropylene type. ‘U’-shaped tool clip shall be provided to hold the capacitor in position. The starters shall comply with MS 77 and IEC 60155 and the starter holders comply with IEC 60400. For the single channel luminaries the starter shall be fitted at the side of the casing. In cases where starters are to be fitted from the outside of the luminaire casing, the starter holders shall be installed in such a way that the starters shall not protrude out of the casing by more than 10 mm.
Unless otherwise approved by the S.O.’s Representative, the lampholders shall comply with IEC 60400 of robust and well designed construction suitable for
bi-pin fluorescent tubes. The fluorescent tubes shall comply with MS 63 and IEC 60081 and shall be bipin type. Unless otherwise specified the colour temperature of the tube shall be approximately 4000 K. The light output, after 100 hours, shall not be less than 1350 lumens for 18 W tube and 3350 lumens for 36W tube. Each fluorescent tube with rating of 36 W or more shall be provided with its own ballast.
Wiring within the luminaire shall be carried out with heat resistant cable marked with the word ‘heat resistant’. It shall be done in a neat way with holder to hold the cable in position and also to avoid contact with heatproducing components. Cables shall be terminated in a termination block marked ‘L’ and ‘N’ for connection to the incoming wires. A brass screw type earth terminal shall be provided in the casing near the termination block for earth connection. This earth terminal shall be clearly marked with the standard earth terminal symbol.
Louvres and reflectors for the luminaires shall be made of high purity anodized aluminium with low iridescent mirror finished. The prismatic and opal diffuser shall be made of UV-stabilised flame retardant polystyrene/acrylic panel. Louvres, reflectors and diffusers shall give good even light distribution with minimal glare in both the axial and transverse planes. Photometric data for the luminaires shall be made available and submitted to S.O.’s Representatives when required.
All components in the luminaire shall be guaranteed for a minimum of 2000 hour life. All components in the fluorescent luminaires shall be of the type manufactured and supplied by the same fluorescent luminaires manufacturer except high frequency electronics ballast if specified, fluorescent tube, starter, cable and holders for fluorescent tube and starter. The components shall be of the type approved by Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Malaysia and JKR

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