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In area where plate switches cannot be used, ceiling mounted cord operated switches or architrave switches shall be provided as directed by the S.O.’s Representative. All lighting switches and fan switches shall comply with MS 616 and IEC 60669-1 and generally be flush type. All ceiling mounted cord operated switches shall be completed with mounting block comply with IEC 60669-1.
All switches shall be suitable for use in inductive circuit. Unless otherwise specified in the Drawings and/or Bill of Quantities, they shall be rated at 10 A. Samples of switches shall be submitted for approval prior to installation. Switches for lighting and fans shall generally be grouped as shown in the Drawings. Where several switches are grouped together grid switches shall be used unless otherwise directed by the S.O.’s Representative. Appropriate label shall be provided where switches connected to different phases are grouped together.
The positions of all switches shown in the Drawings are only approximate. The Electrical Contractor should check the exact positions of the switches with the S.O.’s Representative, and confirm the arrangement of all door swings and other fixtures before installing downdrops and switches. The circuit protective conductor of the circuit shall terminate directly at the switch.

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