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Mounting heights listed below shall be measured from the underside of the fitting to the finished floor level. Unless otherwise specified or directed on site by the S.O.’s Representative, heights of fixing shall be as follows: –
Type of Fitting Mounting Height (mm)
(a) Suspended ceiling luminaries and ceiling fans 2400
(b) Wall mounted luminaries and wall bracket fans 2050
(c) Switches, and fan and regulators 1450
(d) Socket outlets (for surface wiring), and those in the kitchen
and washing areas(for concealed wiring) 1450
Type of Fitting Mounting Height (mm)
(e) Socket outlets (for concealed wiring) 300
(f) Isolator points 1450
(g) Window unit air conditioner switches and starters 1450
(h) Cooker points 1450
(i) Water heater outlet points. 1450
(j) Distribution boards (in service duct) 1450
(k) Distribution boards
(other than in service duct) 2050


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