Cable trays shall be fabricated from perforated galvanised sheet steel complete with all necessary bends, tee pieces, adaptors and other accessories. The minimum thickness of the sheet steel shall be 1.5 mm for cable trays with widths up to and including 300 mm and 2.0 mm for cable trays with width exceeding 300 mm. However minimum thickness for the sheet steel of the perforated hot dipped galvanised cable trays shall be 2.5 mm. Cable trays may either be suspended from floor slabs by hangers or mounted on walls or vertical structure by brackets at 600 mm intervals.
However where the above methods of installation are not feasible or practical, suitable floormounted mild steel structures shall be provided. All supports, hangers and structures shall be robust in construction and adequately installed to cater for the weights of the cables and trays supported on them so that cable trays and cables will not sag. All supports, hangers, bracket and structures shall be antirusted, finished in primer and coated with standard orange enamel.
All supports, hangers, bracket and structure for the perforated hot dipped galvanised cable trays shall also be of hot dipped galvanised type. Fixing clips and cleats for cables on trays shall be installed by means of bolts,washers and nuts.
All tees, intersection units, adaptor units etc. shall be the type manufactured by the cable tray manufacturer unless otherwise approved by the S.O.’s Representative. Wherever cable tray pass through a floor or a fire resistant wall, fire-resisting barrier as mentioned in 9.6 above shall be provided.

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